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Wednesday, September 8


last night,ibu asked me about the curtains at living room.

ibu : kak yg,pd pndpt kak yg kn..langsir dpn nie nk tuka ke x nk ek?
me : hmm,kak yg x ksh.nk tuka,tuka je la.
ibu : hmm..ibu da ckp kt kak lah,abg murad tu.
me : kak yg ikot je.tp kalau leh,tuka je la.da lme sgt lngsir nie.

then,ibu asked abg anep.
ibu : pndpt kmu lak anep?
abg anep : hmm,lau ade duit,jalan je la.hehe.
ibu : mmg la..tp lgsir nie da lme sgt kn?da bpe thun?
me : 6 thun da bu..dr mle umah nie siap smp tuhn lps.
ibu : a'ah.dr thun 2004 kn.

then,the story just ended like that.

suddenly,this morning..
ibu came back from 'pasar' with the big bag plastic at her hand.
contained GREEN CURTAINS !!

nice and soft ;)

nice and beautiful,right?
dont be jealous?hehe..

hmm..i've changed the curtains in my ro0m to0. ;)

good bye orange curtains..
welcome f0r green curtains..
hahahaha  ;)