hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Friday, December 31


tomorrow? why with it? okay, i admit, during i wrote this entry,
ermm, shaked, haha, didn't know. dusky!

tomorrow? tomorrow? tomorrow? tomorrow? why haa?
adehh, i don't know how to write it by words actually.

seriously, i didn't force anybody,
but erm.. hahaa. don't know! don't know, know that! (?)

okay, i love him. but i don't want to force him.
i had told him so many time. seriously, too many!
but he didn't want to. huh, give more time. (?)
i already gave it, okay? but, why didn't he understand?
i don't want to wait for a long time anymore.
it might be hurt, actually. i'm tired already. seriously.

he told me to keep it as a secret. but, 
dare i? have i? must i?
i didn't think so that i could keep it silently. ALONE!
no way, my friends! they are very damn important to me.
why didn't he understand it?! why?

please okay? i'm begging now. damn begging.
okay, i also want to be happy. together.
i'm trying to understand. i'm trying to walk in ur shoes.
i'm trying to expert in ur position and condition.
seriously, i'm trying to, okay?

but, please. do understand me too.
i was giving time. but, it's okay.
until tomorrow. *new year. if not so, i had decided..
we're just bestfriends. thanks. :(