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Saturday, March 19

all about us

19 YEARS OLD on 11 March.

happy birthday syg.. opss, belated lh. *lambat update. sorry.
semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki tau.

i love u so much. i miss u so much.
hope that our relationship will lasts forever and ever.

Fie, thanks sgt2 for being a part of my life now.
seriously, i'm damn happy, really really happy.

ouh, we were dating on 12 march. just because i was working on his birthday,
sorry dear. but it's okay lh. jumpa jugak kn.
so, kitorang mkn. then, tgk BEASTLY! wahh, super romantic. ahakk!
after that, on dating lg! muahahaa, i likeeee. :p


ouh, hari tu, pergi klcc lh masa aku off day,
rindu plus busan kt rumah, keluar je lh ng dia.
so, jln2 je, makan, tk wayang. ngee, x de kje lain. mmg tu je lh.
so, we chose movie, Black Swan.


haaa, semalam keluar lagi. ngeee. gila kentang betul.
we all went to klcc. best. super duper best.
so, mcm malas nk cerita byk2 sbb mmg limited edition lh.
hahaa. bapak lh kau, ayat nk menggedik jea. *kacau ahh!
then, i just put the pics. okay kn? :)

tgk movie. shock kentang kot!

hahaa, dia sgt suka buat muka selengaaa. tapi x tahu senyum!

hahaa, ni muka sengal. pdn muka fie. org upload pic ni!



fie jahat. time ni saja ejek gaya org!

wait, wait. mesti nampak mcm fie agk pendiam kn dlm semua pics ni.
pehhh, pendiam lh sgt wehh, *kacau ahh. 
hahaa, xpe2, terus kn perspective korg tu.
only me, the one, who know, HIM, a lot. hahahaaa.

okay, happy+bahagia. tp kn, skrg rasa mcm dh byk sgt aku ssh kn dia.
hahaa, nnt fie marah, sbb aku suka ckp mcm tu.
heyy, betul lh. dia byk kali dtg sini. igt dekat ke,
ermm, dekat lh jugak tp x lh dekat sgt pulak.
haishh, entah lh tp yg aku tau tu lh, ak susah kn dia.
tp dia ckp aku x pernah susah kn dia. dia x kisah.

hmm, he said that he always wants to be with me.
so, it's okay lh if it takes a little difficult situation.
but, i do mind and i do care! haha, just uncormfirtable. that's all.

and one more, i really really a bad damn girl that always gonna hurt u.
so, beware! hehee, *kidding, but seriously, i'm sorry.
i cant be the one that u want. hmm, sebak pulak.

Dear, sorry for all my wrongs. i know, so many times i did hurt u.
i really really want to be your best. but i just dont even know how.
i'm so sorry. i promise, wont hurt u anymore. i'm trying my best to be your best.

so, again, happy belated birthday, may u always success in life.
about your stuff that lost, be cool, chill and most importantly, be patient.


hmm, wait. i want u to use the stuff that i gave u on ur birthday, okay?
compulsary, tauu! if not so, wekk, touching! hahaa, gedikss.

thank youuu. :)