hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Tuesday, July 12

I'm sorry

Yeahh, i know.. Lately ni aku sangat ignore Fie.
Hey, I don't even know why I'm doing this! 
God, help me... :(

Kenapa ehh? Every night Fie akan tggu aku settle semua works.
Then, he'll call me like always. *mentang2 pakai digi easy. Hikhik.
Hm, I think dh almmost 2weeks aku mcm ni. Kenapa pulak ehh? 
I have no idea lh! +_+

Unfortunately, I'll always sleep without talk to him first.
OMG, aku dh banyak sgt buat dia mcm tu.
Ce kalo dia yg trus blah g tdo, aku tggu cm org dungu?
Shit man, mati dia kena maki dgn aku!

Then, me? Obviously, UNFAIR!
Wouhhh, kenapa lh aku teruk sgt kn? Gila babungg teruk kot.
Silap sikit je aku mengamuk! Damn!
Pd hal entah berapa juta kali dh dia makan hati sbb silap aku.
But, he still keeps in silent. How bad I am?

Am I too ego? Am I? How could I change this bullshit attitude?
How should i? How would I?

I always ask him. Why are u still stick patiently with me?
Don't u feel to just leave me? Leave this kind of terrible girl?
He'll answer slowly.. 

"Is it any wrong if I'm too patient with u?"
"Is it any wrong if I'm staying with u?"
"Is it any wrong if I'm still in love with u..? Forever??"

Ouh, then, I'm speechless!
Am I too harsh for making him like that?

Hahahaa, know what, There's nobody do threat me like him!
OMG, I should be thank to him.
How selfish I am? Damn u, Emilia.
Please.. Teach me to appreciate him.

Love our beloved as strong as we can.
Because when they're gone,
Then, you wish you could give them everything.
But, how late it is? 

Seriously, I do love him very much. :)