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Saturday, July 9

Ouh, Paramore

Perghhh, don't ever dare to say I'm stopping fanatically admire to this band.
Wouhh. such a harsh! Hahahaa.

Unfortunately, the members of the band just 3 left now.
Of course, the vocalist, Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy. 
Brothers of Josh and Jac are not in this band anymore. :(

Well, 17 and 18 August, they'll perform at Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia.
Then, 21 August, they'll be at Singapore to perform.

*Ouh, damn! Kalau lh bapak aku kaya menggila, aku dh fly dh ni.
Sengsorang pun, what do I care?

Mana tak nye wehh, time dorang perform kt KL tu, I was sitting for SPM Examination!
Gila tak meroyan aku! Hahahaa. 

Cun gilok tak above shirt nih?! Damn. Style gilok kot! Haishhh.
Whatever, I'll own it soon! :)

p/s: kt blog aku ni, aku mmg x change old picture of the band.

Paramore Damn Lover.