hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Friday, August 5


Hahaha, not late for me to wish..



Actually, Tak tahu kan buat apa. Assignments belambak. Tapi buat2 tak tahu.
Standard lh kn. Ngeee, Diena, aku dh jadi geng malas kau kt campus. Haishhh, virus!

Well, today, sepatutnya aku dh ada kat rumah, fast with the whole family.
Unfortunately, I'm not! Huhh, nak balikm rumah lh wehhhhh! *sedih yg teramat.
Semua family members gather at home, except me!
How come there's an exception here?? *sad again.

Change topic, bulan puasa, elakkan talk rubbish. HAHAHAA.
Jgn mencarut ye wahai rakan2 semua. :)

Puasa dekat campus tak byk beza pn. 
The only diff is if nk beli makanan tu, use my own money. That's all.

Money? Ouh, okay, sekarang dh sengkek + kering.
Thank you. :)

New family built here,
Allya, Faa, Bedot, Anis, Farah :)
Love you guys.

Fie? Hmm, everything's just fine.
Jauh2 ni lagi lh bertambah rindu.
Bulan puasa, avoid to meet him. *think critically! :)
Well, absence make the heart grows fonder.
Love you as always, Sharul Fifi. :)

Study, hmm, standard, it's getting tougher. HAHAA.
Chill, Emilia. U took the risk studying this course.
Just go on without give up. Cool. :)

Ouh, no picture for this entry. Upload next time. :)

Movie, Full House.
Hope by watching this movie, desire of back home will BOOOOMM!
 BYE BYE! ^_^