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Friday, August 12


OMG, it was a long long time ago, I didn't publish about MOVIES!
Now on pun, dh lama tak tgk movie Sob.. Sob.. Sob.. :'(

Well, forsure everybody was looking for this movie right.
Yeahh, it was nice. Sad, sweet, happy, funny.
Hahaha, besides, Si Kecil Comel Mia Sara yg acted kn.
Plus Lisa and Sam yg mmg dh supeerbbbb. *-*

Yeahh, sgt thumbs down. Hahahaa, Tak baik wouhh.
I have to support local. Hehehee.
However, Ye lh, malay movie kn, Ghost movie lg tu.
Mmg x lh nk support 100%. *Still tak baik. Ngeeee. :p

OMG, Damn superb! Awesome wehhhhh! Gilaaa, nk meraung aku tgk movie ni.
Swear, u'll never regret. Hahahaa, I love you, Shia. :)
Style nk mampus. Bravo, haaa, apa lg? Bombastic, fatactic, kebabooommm!
Hahahaa, more than words! :)

Haaaa, yg ni sgt lawak. I just watched this with my boyfriend, Fie.
And, luckily, I slept. Lalalalalalalaaaaaa.
No comment else. :)