hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Thursday, August 25

I really miss you classmate!

Okay, cant even stop thinking about him again and again.
Nobody's understand besides us, his classmates.

Mohd Hafiz bin Mohd Jelas

If you notice how much we miss you here. :'(
OMG, see? My tears are starting to fall down again and again.
Hahaa, bro, we really really really miss you.
We are not even stop praying, thinking, talking about you. 
Helping you out of all this misery, sufferings.

We know you well, we know you well, friend.
It's not only your fault. Not your fault.

Hafiz, how are you there. Are you feeling well?
Dont you feel cold, hot, there, without comfortable stuff.
Are you okay? How are you praying, eating, bathing?
Feel comfort there? 


Nobody's understand dear, nobody!
They talk bad about you, friend.

How can we only hear that without do anything?
They not even understand. 

How can you did something like that,
If the victim was not saying anything bad to you, right?
We here, dont even know the truth.
Nobody's know. Only, you, the victim, and God know.

Tell us, how can we know, friend? 
How can we support you? How, Hafiz? Howww?
Talk to us!!! Please.... I'm begging...

Hafiz, dont you miss us?
dont you want yo laugh, study, eat, walk, talk, debate, object with us again?
Dont u think that? Dont you, Hafiz!

Hahaha, now I suddenly remember, you just brought my spectacle back to your home.
Then, you said sorry for many times. Many times. Hahahaa.
I just pretended to be angry. Hahahaa.
Lastly, we laughed together, we laughed hard, right? 
You remember that? You're not? Why? Why, friend?
Don't you miss that?

You are really a good, glorious debater right?
LAW012, BEL260, BEL313, CSC134 Class.
Those are your favourite class right? Right, friend?
You'd like to object, debate, find other's fault so that you can make them speechless.
Speechless about what you have said before. Yeahhh, you're right, friend.
You're strong right?

We are praying for you there, friend.
Even our lecturers are praying for you.
And please... Dont you dare think, we are forgetting you,
We are blaming you, we are hating you.

Definitely NEVER, friend.
Never, Insyallah, :')

How will you proceed your study?
What about the future?
Your family? 

Raya is just around the corner dear..
And what about you? 
Seriously, dont you think that we are happy celebrating raya.
Not without you feel the same way, friend. Not without that.

Picture above. You and soleh. Dont you miss him.
You know, he cries a lot for you, man.
Your besties that full of worrying. 

Dear friend,
Be well there, patient, always pray, dont ever give up.
Dont ever ever, please..
Most importantly, dont ever think that we are forgetting you.
We are always be your friends. Always and forever, Insyallah.

Know what, here, even when we are eating, studying, walking, discussing,
You are always in our mind. Always be, friend. 
We will never ever forget you and let you alone there.

Remember that, friend.
Whatever reason it was, whatever other people talk about you,
whenever you are, whatever you do,
We'll pray for your goodness.
We beg to God to show the truth, ASAP.
Always solat hajat, Insyallah. :')

Friends Forever. :')