hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Tuesday, September 13

Raya's not passing yet to wish

Yeahhh, it's 5.10 a.m. Haha. Still with the eyes open. 
Nothing to do actually. Study? Haha, no study hard for me. :)
Well, as in Uitm, this week is a 'study week'. (?)

Wouhhh, such a long time. I didn't touch this site. Hee. 
A bit busy of running my country. Haha. Shit nonsense.

So, I'd think it's not that late to wish,
especially for all Muslims whenever you are. :)

Anyway, raya for this year a bit boring for me.
Haha, yeahh, I'm growing up so, it's just nothing kot.
No more much 'duit raya'. You're just 18, come on. Not even work yet. 
Stingy lh mereka ni. Hahahaaa. :DD

Sad, no raya portrait for the whole family. T_T
Gila wehhh, broke record!
Actually, my elder brother, Ijai was not coming for this year raya.
He had to work. 'Hospital kerajaan' kannn. :(

It was only my second brother. :')
Then, I didn't really enjoy my trip visiting relatives and even friends.
Years ago, my family and so relatives went out together visiting each other.
I enjoyed my duit raya of course. But now..
A part of my cousins are married. They have their own family.
No 'salam' at raya morning, no eating 'rendang, nasi impit, lemang, ketupat' together, no laughing together at all. Hahaa, what a sad raya for me.

And 3 sisters.
Besides, my baju kurung for raya was not like what I wanted.
Nak buat mcm mana, I was not telling the real to mama. 
Then, she did it as baju kurung biasa. But, it's okay.
I'm matured enough to understand. Oww yeahhh (?)

Next, no 'balik kampung raya' at second raya morning.
Unfortunately, we went to our kampung at Sabak Bernam, Sel at night of the second raya.
Then, we went back home at the same night. What a funny. :') *whatever.

proudly, duit raya for parents with his own salary.

ayahku mmg kaki mercun.

tahan air mata actually. Hahaaa.
I miss my old grandpa. Now, he's totally forgetting us. Pity him.
Actually, I don't really get the feeling like my brothers and sister.
I was not living with my grandpa and grandma since my childhood.
Like my both brothers and elder sister did.

Looked after this nakal boy till I looked mess!
my younger sister, will be taking upsr. Good luck!
On 4th Sept, I went back to Uitm.
Totally no feeling at all. Thank you. :')