hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Thursday, September 15

Study (?)

As in Uitm, Final exam is just a few days to go, nyahhh. 
Hahaha, and I? Just still playing around and do nonsense.
Okay, whatever youuu. :)

So, yesterday was just the beginning. 
Ahakkk, over gedik. Well, it was me, Faa and Allya.
The gorgeous one. Muaahhaa, start talking shit.

So, I'd like to revise on LAW038 subject.
Just because it will be the first exam paper.
Kinda tough. I hate that MLA + APA citation and so bullshit on.
Yihhh, what a mess!

Mine, Faa and Allya.

Pulun study 1

Pulun study 2

Pulun study 3

After that, kan, kan, kan, kan?
We went to tasik. Hehee, best!
But less of best just because it was raining yesterday.
So, we couldn't really enjoy the nice scene there.

Beautiful kan, kan kan? And so do we. Hikhik.
Then, we went back to the library to fill in the exit survey.
For CTU081 subject which I rarely came to the class. 
Agama pulak tuh. It's too tidak cukup iman lh Emilia. :P

Okay, that's all. Proceed study. Papaiii. :)

p/s : I don't even know why is this entry too gedik. (?)