hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Wednesday, October 12

Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor.

Opss, before that, I'd like to congrates my beloved brother, Hanif.
Happy Graduation Day, dear.

IIUM graduate with a degree - Bachelor of Human Sciences (majoring in English Language & Literature) (specializing is Linguistics) (Hons) under the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences.

My parents came along to see their son. What a proud.
Then, I followed them back to Perak. I had MUET Speaking Test.

On our way, we went to 'entry title' for a while.
Wouhhh, too beautiful. No words, speechless.
Hahaa, but unfortunately, mess with 'lotong'.
Just like 'kera' type. I haven't see it before. Too scary. Hahaa.

Ayah liked them. Haha. Well, they can be friend, I think so.
Hukhuk, kidding. Mama, Ika and I were so afraid to get to them. Haha.

Then, many tourist there too. Maybe they came to play with that 'lotong'
Hahaa. so funny. Seriously, get there. Nice place with the 'lotong'. 
But, if saw ayah, he was too cool lh. Hahaa.

See that. Chill je ayah I ni youuu. Hahaaa.

Love parents

Love parents 2

My sister, Ika.

We were having ice cream.

See, the messy 'lotong'

Be friends. :)

new friend.

new friend 2

Okay, pretending, I was not afraid at all.
Then, we went back. Proceeded our way. :)