hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Monday, November 21

Good bye beloved, pray for me here. :')

A bit sad. Seriously, I hate being far from my parents. Cettttt, doesn't make any sense! ==' Blah lh kau Mel. Nonsense bagai je. Hahaaa. Pada hal since form1 dh stay hostel. Elok je. =,=

Well, but this time, quite lonely because they couldn't send me to Merbok. I've to go back there by myself which by bus at 8, in the morning! With the big big big luggage, a lot of bags, I carried those alone. Who cares? Who knows?

So, good bye Mama, Ayah and Dani. :')

Ohh, and not forgetting my big big sister, Ika. Congrates for the 5a's in UPSR, dear. Ready for facing new life soon. :')

I reached Sungai Petani at 12.30pm. Then, Tya, my cousin who's taking degree  in banking also at UiTM Merbok fetched and sent me back to Merbok.

Start to kemas my locker. Well, a lot of stuffs that I need but not here mine. I've to buy a lot. Yeahh, a lot. I dind't prepare any stuff for this semester actually. I just brought my clothes, and the rest that I left at store room here. 

Mama, ayah, I need more money. Elaun lambat lagi. T_T