hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Friday, November 11

Happy day, birthday too.

Okay, first then, big heart wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KAK ELLY and GIGI a.k.a HAFIZZUDIN. I'm not sure, around 23rd or 24th kot. Hahahaa, whatever it is, May both of you success and blessed in life. 

Unluckily when your birthday, you're working at McD. Hahahaaa, seriously! 
There you are....

See that, how fortunate you are, get that. Hahaha. It's normal for us. Hahaa, I just got the picture of Kak Elly's birthday only. Gigi? Hahahaa, *awal-awal lagi mamat tu dh lari. Hampeh! He was not there at that time. Lucky him lh kn. :)

Errr, suddenly, where the pictures below come from?

Emilia, Jue, Diena

The three Si Gedik.

See, the politeness of us.

These are 3 McD crews, love to 'curi tulang' that we call at McD- 'skyving'. Hahaa, luckily, toilet is just beside McD. Same thing same thing. Pictures! Hahahaa.

But, kind of normal. Jealousy is everywhere. Hahaa. *Ada jugak org yang envy dengan we three. Haihhhhhhh.... *long sigh. =='

Whoever she/he is or they are or maybe you
we don't ever mind and never take part. 
Chill. :)