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Monday, November 21

MUET Part Two

Alhamdulillah. Ho yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm done with MUET stuff! Just wait for the result lh on January If I'm not mistaken. So, I guess everything was going well. I hope so. There's what I got.

For Reading Test, 5 passages! Tired and sooooo sleepy of reading. It's all about methane gas, biofuel, Botox ruins emotions, and whatsoever! Haihhh =='

For Writing Test, I got one short essay about graph, percentage of where people buy groceries. And secondly, long essay, which the title; a person's career choice should be determined by his or her interest.

For Listening  Test, okay, this was funny. While we were concentrating on the speaker, suddenly the voice came to tersekat-sekat. Soooo funny and it came to very boring when the teachers there took long time to set it up back to normal. We should end it up by 12.30pm. But unfortunately, we stopped at 1 something. 

I was so hungry which I went back, rode my ego scooter very fastly! Hikhik.
Papaiii. :)