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Sunday, November 27

Salam takziah

Syamimi Ibrahim. A friend, that I knew at MRSM Gemencheh regarded I was studying there just for 3 months in 2009, I was in Form 4. I didn't know her a lot. A bit maybe. She's currently UiTM Puncak Alam student. But well, Allah loves her more than us.

She passes away because of a disease that we know as killing disease.

Salam takziah to her family. May arwah rest in peace, besides Allah. :')

It doesn't matter much if we know ours are not here with us but still exist in real. But, I can't really imagine how suck it is if ours go forever, not even in real.

So, people out there. Beware and seriously be careful of this killing disease! May we are not the one of its victim. Aminnn...