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Tuesday, November 1

Trespass Movie

Last few days, I don't remember, already watched the movie, Trespass. Quite awesome but like Aizul said, we don't really enjoy the movie that happened in just one night. 

Haha, for me, nothing really matter lh, but Aizul doesn't like the movie because it's just full with scream and 'poommmm pommm' with the gun. And also, 'run! run!' But when they're running, they've been caught and scream again and again. Hahaa.

Well, the movie, it's all about wealth, rich, money, betray, backstab, and whatsoever lh. A family that so damn rich were robbed by a bunch of guys. Not being robbed maybe, but ermm.. the husband were forced to give them all his stuff. At first, I thought that the wife has an affair with the one of the guys but at last then, she's not. And also about their daughter, Avery, *why I just remember her name?* that kind of stubborn girl. 

But, finally then, they're save. Harus lh kan. Hahahaa. Movie. Ouh, million thanks to Aizul who treated me on the movie. Later will be on me, he said. Well, no big deal lh, dude. Hihi.

Ouhhh, I really wanna watch THE DARKEST HOUR. Kind of damn best!! And Aizul is almost to it. Hahahaaaa. Good then. About energy and electricity, how can they survive. And also, Paranormal Activity 3! Okay, see you soon! :)