hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Wednesday, January 11

Bored post yeahh

Hye hye buddies. 
Long time no see. 
No news. 
No updates. 
No life. 
Live hard. 
Cry a lot. 
Depress much. 
Stress out. 
Get down. 
Sometime up. 
Laugh tough. 
Hang out. 
Hell study. 
Damn ASSignments. 
Bullshit groupwork. 
Shit presentation. 
Freak friends. 
Weird people. 
Beloved haters. 
Loving family. 
Fussy cats. 
Few food.
A bit money.
High lazy.
Just lonely.
Heck lecturers.
Bad forum.
Terrible tests.
Horrible shoes.
Trouble jeans.
Suck shirts.
Fcuk guards.
Pussy summons.
Unneeded guys.
Pleasant girls.
Worst hair.
Funny roommates.
Messy bed.
Soft pillows.
Comfortable comforter.
Big teddy bear.
Noisy fan.
Bright gazebo.
Windy night.
Beautiful moon.
Ugly frogs.
Heart feeling.
Touching easily.

Yeahhh, those are just me. What am I thinking, facing, feeling.
What a life, dude.

 And I miss this pretty naughty heartbeat so much. :'(

 See that fake fcuk ugly smile huh?

Thanks for passing by. bye bye.