hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Tuesday, January 17

Too rush

Was I too rush in trusting and believing in strangers.
Yes, you to me, were a stranger, once.

Followed me on Twitter, added me up on Facebook.
We chatted, asked for my number, we texted. 
You didn't like texting, and we talked. 
Till late night. You never cared. So did me.

Yes, not even a month we knew each other, very well.
Expressed out feelings, laughed, I told you problems. 
I cried. You persuaded. I calmed. You relieved. 
And vice versa.

And hell yeahh, not anymore.
You don't even care about me.
Not even texting, calling.
Asking me whether I'm all okay.
Nothing from you. 

Was I too fuss? Too rush.
Yes, I'm falling faster for you. Idk, why only you?
Long sigh I got here.

Dear you,
whatcha doin'? Doin' well? Feelin' okay?
Have you eat? Hows study, classes?
You had settle up your timetable right? Thank God.
I'm happy for you. All the best. :)