hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Saturday, February 25

Dear you,

I'm very hoping that you're just all fine there. Like seriously, I feel like something wrong, 
like, like... like something bad. No, no. I won't say that. Okay, enough.
I miss you. Yess, this time, I just feel so hard to let you go back.
I don't even know why. Tears kept falling down, coming out while driving, 
walking back to campus. You didn't know that.
I'm so sorry that I couldn't be all that you wanted me to be.
You need me, like fucking need. Yes, you just had a very tough day.
But me, I'm not that good enough to be beside you. I'm so sorry.
I'm not that best superlover like any others do. Yes, I really am.
All that I can say, please, stay strong! Be very strong! Promise me, please my dear. 
I know, you're that tough enough to face all those nonsense damn stuffs!
Let them say whatever they want to. Let them do whatever they want to.
But you! Yes, you!! Again, be very damn strong!
We are too far away. I can't always be there for you. 
I miss you! Really miss you. I can't stand these all alone.. But I know, you can.
Remember your family's hope. They want you to success.
Ignore all that jizz-monkeys idiot hell them yeah!
You'll move on right? Yes, no doubt. I love you.

you, myonlysweetheart.