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Wednesday, July 11

Nothing much

Well nothing much to say. Heavy sigh heaved. I'm getting fine, day by day. 
So, questions huh? Whts w you? Why w you? Sick? Heartbroken? (euw) Lost?
Haha, whatsoever. Just now telling you, in process of getting driving license. 
yeahh, for both so. Motorcycle and car. 

Loser, am I. What so late, hell yeah. Got a lot to  serve. duhh, you don't know.
So, I'm making up this time. Will be taking comp test on Tuesday, 17/7.
And wtf the next taklimat would be on Saturday, 21/7.


Lol, if you care, you'll know it. Hahaha. Plus, it's the first day of Puasa lah.
Goshhhh, hate it, but I've to. Lol, no objection or even sigh.
Whatever, I'm out. And I miss my two heartbeats, much. 
Muhammad Dani Emir
Nur Izzara Dania

p/s : 21Julyisthisblog'sowner'sbirthday. Yeayy!