hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Monday, September 6

i love them like heaven ;)

well,they are my beloved friends forever and ever ;)
we play,eat,study,cry,laugh,sad,happy and success TOGETHER !
i'll never f0rget them no matter what !

know what.
they are the one of important organs in m y body.
so,do not take them away from me okay?
then,if do..I'LL DIE !!

here they are ;)
outing KK ;)

hall ;)

 class ;)

arabian night ;)
jamuan raya 2009 ;)

puskep ;)

 class ;)

seminar ro0m ;)

one by one okay ? ;)

nur liyana bt ghaffarud-din(yana)
people call her *rabbit,tupai
she's beautiful
like t0 laugh very2 hard (just like me)
clever ;)

nur hamizah bt abd ghani(miezah)
people call her *panjang
ask herself.haha
she's just like our bodyguard
she admit it,ok
so,dont dsturb us

nur farah effa zainal abidin(effa)
anak tokeh limpah budi sdn.bhd.
responsible n indipendent girl
will be nice if others rspect her
so,do rspect her ok ;)

nurul fahana bt zawri(fana)
like to talk much
kindhearted,like to help people
love korean(suju kot)
love to draw
designer.going t0 be ;)

nuralina bt hamdan(alina)
like to shake her body
easy to love someone
the shortest one 
the smallest one
love t0 laugh hard t0o
supplier top up
well,i REPEAT.
do not take them away from me okay ?