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Monday, December 13

seriously,damn missing

IMAN MUSTAFAR!!! where are u? where are u? where are u?
please come back.i'm begging u like hell.
i put my EGO down hell under my feet.
just because i want u t0 come back.

i miss u so fucking damn much!don't u know that?
oh G0d,show me where's he?show me!show me,pls...
almost 2 years,dear.such a long long time,right?
pls..show yourself.

i don't even know how to say it yet in words. i've no idea at all.
i just want,iman mustafar.don't u hear me?don't u know this?
what am i suppose t0 do?
think that this is only just a dream?a dream?hell never!

i ever love him so much.
but now when he's gone,i wish i could give him all my love and soul.
i am t0o late t0 express it.
he throws me away from his life.

he hates me.he doesn't want t0 see me again.
he doesn't want t0 contact me again.
he's gone!he's gone!he's gone!

i asked topa about him.
unfortunately,topa said that he had moved away from bangi.
omg,i feel like the world's getting me down.seriously.
where are u actually,dear?pls..hear me.hear me...

pls..i'm begging u.i'm begging u..