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---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Thursday, October 20

Chill and Out

Well, pressure pressure stay at home mmg burden. Hang out kn easier. :) So, Fie came to pick me up. We went to Bank Islam and Maybank to renew my bank card. It settled. Thank God. I called mama, 

'Bagus lh dh settle semua tu. Lain kali hilang kn lagi, okay?'

The same thing I got from Fie. HAHAA. Okay, of course they said that. Because they love me, like I do. :):):)

Maybank : RM12, Bank Islam : RM15

Okay, whatever. Then, we went to Alamanda lh. Got Pizza there. Ho yeahhhh! Met Diena that worked at DC. *Ice creaam counter-Dessert Center. What a sad face, she showed me. Sorry, dear. I can't come in. :') 

Next, cinema. Bored! Al-Hijab. Malay movie, I tell you. I'm not saying that I'm not supporting Local Movie, but it not attracts me at all. Sorry. And, don't say that I'm good enough or 'bajet' or whatsoever. It's just my taste. 

Then, it was heavy raining there and I didn't allow Fie to go back at that time. We spent time, chatted, laughed, and conversed at Roti Boy. About, 6 something, we went back. 

Along brought me to her Office and watched Karaoke Competition. 
The End. :)

I'm not strong enough to face those, alone. Be with me so. :')