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Sunday, October 23

Movies again

Huargghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, This makes me damn sick! Haiyoooo, seriously, trillion thumbs up for this movie. Super duper awesome bombastic. Exactly, definitely, absolutely, no doubt. HAHAAA. :DD

I watched it for two times. Never get bored. Hahaaa. First, I watched with sweetheart, Fie at Time Square. Second, with my seniorrrrr, One at Alamanda. Thanks, both. :)

Watch this, watch this!!! Like so many times I just repeat this. OMG, Atom, Max and Charlie, I think I'm falling for the three of youuu. HAHaa.

At first, I really didn't get what kind of story it is. Too complicated and much interrelated. Previous and current. Got confused there. *Dh lh siap watched premiere class bagai. At last, it had nothing to do with us. Hahaa.
But, when I thought about it by myself, okay, I got it. Haahaaa.

Why looks blur? IDK, wrong picture taken somewhere or something wrong somewhere. Hahaa, okay, this is not bad. Kind of combination with hollywood actor. Erra Fazira and Christopher Atkins. Also Elaine Daly.