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---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Sunday, October 16

Crazy damn!

Wouhhh, it was long time, I didn't spend my time 'lepak' with McD members. Hahaa. Well, because of Sakinah fetched me last night, so we went to 'Ramai', had meal there. *Ramai-just like maple(kedai makan 24hours) Wait, what meal at 1 a.m? Hahaa. IDK. Had meal, nonsense conversation, laugh hard, 'menganjing' hard, then, we went back. HAHAA. *whatever =='

Actually, I off at 11, but had to wait for Edry, Epul and Kak Atiq. Because of Sakinah had to send them home too. So, we did nonsense while waiting for them closing McD store. Hahaa, take a look. What a damn nonsense.

weird 1

weird 2

weird 3

Edry, what a frightening!

Sakinah and Edry, what the =='

Copying Sakinah, HAHA

I've no idea what're they doing.

Copying the board. *sikit pun tak sama!

Okay, almost same lh kot.

Edry, the funniest person I've ever meet.

Why condong?

What are you two doing at the back?

Edry 'pemalu'. *tuuiiihhhhh!
Kak Sakinah
She's my buddy too, besides Diena. Sengal, sakai sawan. All is hers. HAHAA, sorry babe. Go!! What go? Okay, only us do know. Hahahaa. Damn funny. Well, we love to break rules. *Tetibe, pehal ni? =='

Whatever lh. Now, I'm starting to love her. Just like sisters. Hahaa, Diena syg, don't worry. I'm not forgetting you. Okay, I think it's that all. Papaii.

*Nak tiru Diena.
SF : I do love you so fucking damn much! :)