hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Thursday, October 20

Say it out

Well, this is my only way to express my feeling. Hahaa.
It suits me here.

Long time ago, I met Dina, Khaliq, Afza and Daus. They are my heartbeat whenever I am. Best buddies ever, no doubt. I was so happy being with them. After work, surely cinemas, bowling, spent time together 'lepak' at the big pond near work place. Well, it was long time ago. I met them again at work place. We worked together, don't even care about nobody and fool customers.

I'll miss this silly face. :')
Especially, Adriana Norrazam. Hahaa, I'm crying while typing your name right here, right now. I really need your shoulder, buddy. You'll believe me no matter what, is it true? Can I put my trust on you? Please, say do so. I only have you here. The only one that I trust, now. But, what if I say, I don't know what's going on future. I'm afraid, I could lose you. Yes, I'm so freaking afraid. If you can realize, how much you meant to me. You're too good to me. Don't be that, dear. I know, you may go on there, even without me. Haha, I miss that, really. After this, when we proceed our study, we can't meet because of working together anymore. What a memory, that I'll never forget.

Miss you a lot too, brother!
Abdul Khaliq Abdul Ghani, just like my brother now. I say, now. Hahaa. Diena, I'm kidding. :') Yes, he's good, pretty smart and a little bit hasty. Clever, no big deal. Will be going to Korea, leave me and Diena here, next year, InsyaAllah. I wish you'll be having heaven there. Khaliq, I'm so sad now. Really really really sad. Could you hear me? You know why? They did bad to me. I want you, fight them. They're so suck! Brother, if you can see how weak I am. :')

You can't treat me, cinema, anymore. :')
Afza Zainuddin, bestie ever. Always be my shoulder, a good listener. How busy you are with your 'new' friends, you do remember we're here in your deep heart, right? We knew that. Don't worry, brother. We're not forgetting you. Distance means nothing for us, exactly! Afza, do you know that I'm crying right now? Much. You don't know. No, I don't want you to know that I'm crying, but it's relief if you realize that I'm in pain. And it hurts. :')

We can't keep laughing while taking orders anymore.
Firdaus Ahmad, You are suck. Hahaa, you know, I like to be friend with you, really like. You know how to appreciate. I'll miss you a lot. Daus, after this, we can't even do 'skyving'. *IDK the real spelling. :P Thanks for backing me up also. Whatever happened to me at work place, you never hate me, you never ignore me, how grateful I am, you know. Now, IDK how can we meet again. I'm sorry.

I love you like heaven!!! Only if you realize it.
Last but not least, Sakinah Hassim. Hahaa, suddenly, I'm speechless. Thousands fault I made, to her. I'm sorry, I just can't stand it anymore. Really sorry and thanks for everything. :)

Where did I meet and know them? Work place.
Work place? Yeahh, work place.


Thank you. Goodbye. :)