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---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Monday, November 7

Bowling Time

Hiyaaaaaa, been a long long long long time, didn't touch the heavy circle things have 3 holes that golek-golek on the lane. Hahaa, weirdoo description. Yeahh, last time I played at Central Square, Kedah. Hahaa, so here we go. Had a great time with all my buddies. Thank you, thank you. :)

Enjoy the pictures.

See the sweetness? HAHA.
Si Malas Diena

Hahaa, why muka Abg Syuk was like..... =='
I like this picture so much!!
Rock bebehh, with all faces like err..
Hahaa, I was like cheating on Fie and go to Aizul,
seriously there. 
Ahh, kau!
Opss, paparazzi lh tu. Candid!
Like watching football match pun ada. Goal!
Buddies. :)
Adriana and Aizul. Fake siblings.
Apahal all faces dh mcm kroihhh kroihhh!
Oh my, hahaa. How come this picture is here?
Semua nk senyum comel-comel bagai.
Blur then.
IDK what's happening? HAHA.
Big big brother in the middle.
Opsss, kantoi kantoi.
Rock no war bebehhh! Huh?

Actually, I was not feeling well on that day. But the face was not into it huh? Yeahhh, when it comes to joyful time, you know. Hahaaa. We were having a seriously great time there. Thanks to Kak Lin, Abg Syuk, Aizul, Adriana and also Fie. 

Super lover of mine. :)