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Saturday, November 5

Movies Again and again

Well, never get bored of all movies at cinema. Hahaa, can't miss even one. Yeahh, had watched Don't Be Afraid of The Dark. Superrrrrrrrrrrr Superbbbbbbbb! Hahaa, you should watch it then lh. 

Watch it with no subtitle. =='
Hmm, it's about alien, hahaa, not so alien lh but weird and disgusting from something not human. Hmm, don't know how to describe lh. Hmm, Sally, a little girl, their victim. Those things just want human teeth to keep living. *soooooooooo LAZY to elaborate more. Bye! Hahaa.

This one seriously super duper awesome wehhh, My first time watching Hollywood Film in cinema. Hahaa. 'Gempak wa cakap luuuu!' Shah Rukh Khan in this movie is super handsome! Kareena Kapoor also, super pretty! Till Fie pun tak berkelip-kelip mata tengok moovie ni. There's a part which very suspend then, what shocked me was Fie. He said, "Cepat lh, cepat lh! Haihhh.." See? Igt senang nk tgk dia feel sampai mcm tu sekali. Terus terkedu aku! =='

Well, this movie is about a game that can't be control anymore, the bad fighter from evil side comes out from the game to the real world. He really wants to defeat the hero. In this movie, Shah Rukh Khan dies and he comes out as the hero to save his family. *this part, I was crying so hard! (T_T). Serious sad kot. Huhu, it's Hollywood kn. Hahaa. The best part is when the evil fighter is Arjun Rampal! Oh, no! So handsome lh both of them!! 

Hot wehh, even he's getting old but still, maintain!

Ohh, how pretty you are! 

See his body wehhhh!
Son of Khan and Kareena in this movie
Okay, That's all, I guess. :)

Shah Rukh Khan is very awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!