hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Wednesday, December 14

Away stress

Almost 2weeks, been very freaking damn busy with assignments and classes. 
Guess me puas tk menjerit meraung like that? Goshhh.....

Hukhuk, feel like crying pulak. Hohoho, giloo haihh. ==' Well, seriously, never ever feel like this before. Even SPM pun tk kencang mcm ni wehh. Hikhik. Tu diaaa. Pengakuan jujur habehhh.

Tersangat lh penat, not even working out but tired of thinking and doing that killer stuff bagaiii. Erghhh, law.. How hard are you kn. Dont be this pleaseee. :'(
Assignments menggunung, classes 24/7 *okay, itu dusta, library is my new home, uwaaaa!

Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, wanna go home!! Hukhuk, March, please be fast tau tau tauuu. I can't even stand and make even a step forward anymore. Rakan-rakan, kasi semangat sikittt. Hewhewww.

Beloved with freaking tired face :')

Fake, got boring class so I snap

Begging for nice day

Tired fake smiley face

Maklum lh, thirsty for care and love, org solo kn. Hikhik. It has nothing to do with this okay. Enough for today. Struggle more Miss Moreee!

*Pics above were taken at tasik. Ohh, still couldn't reach Twitter page. 
  Been 3days. Shit.