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Saturday, December 10

Rabbit Saxobeat

OMG, how much I love these rabbits! Scream out loud!! Hahaha. Actualy, those are Dot's. At her rumah sewa. So, we went there just to feed the rabbits lh. Poor them kn, long time tak makan, so we gave them carrots. 

Sooooooooooo cute when they ate like crukkk crukkk. I hold the rabbit while he ate the carrots. Then, I can felt their tooth. Omg, damn cute. 

Arghhh, I was melting which I felt wanna take them home and sleep together. The fur, seriously damn soft. Haihhhh, terubat rindu dekat my cats and hamster at home. Hamster? Not really. But I miss Spero so much. Hmm. My dead cat. :'(

Okay, papaiii. :')

*Oh, congrats to Yana, had passed her P license for car. :)