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Friday, December 9


Entry yg terperap at draft. Hahaha.

OMG, this is so fantastic where I was crying while watching this. Damnnn! Hikhik. How sweet Edward is, how gentle Jacob is and how pathetic Bella is. Check it out. :)

Okay fine then. I can't stop laughing at this movie. But at those sad part, surely no doubt, I was crying so hard. Hikhik, how gedik I was kn. Damn seriously, those cats are sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty awesome. Hahaha. Just because I do love cat so much lh kn. Hihi.

Hahaha, not that bad lh this malay movie that taken from novel also the title is Ombak Rindu. And I had read all 3 novels under Ombak Rindu. *secondary school:kaki novel but not anymore for now. :) Well, just like other movies lh, dramatic. Almost, I cried. :P

Okay, thank you. :)