hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Friday, April 6

Pheww so long time

Pheww pheww phewww, whoaaa so full of dust Lol lovely bloggie doggie!
Hahaa, welcome hunnn. Weii, almost a month dah been home pun. -_- HAHA
Being home is so niceeeee surrounded by my lovely nephew  and niece.

Here they are. Muhammad Dani Emir and Nur Izzara Dania.

'like bruhhh like sistaaa'
Each day, each hour, each sec, they'll be sticking to me like gummy gum! Hehehh.
Especially Dani lh. Fully can't be far wayyyy away from me. How sweet kan aunty ni. Bwekk.
But serious ahh, he's like.... hmm, half of me? Pun bolehhh. =P
Till if me like holding Zara pun, Dani will angrily told me to put her down!

Dani is so afraid looking at this pic and he'll run
away plus cry asking to shut it off. 

Like whatt? Guess, Ju-On. LOL!

Dani was being forced by nenek. Ughhhh!
Dani's Mama, Ohh looking hot!

Hantu Dani at the back. Haha
Nur Izzara Dani in between! 

All pictas above were captured by 'Webcam Toy' that has been downloaded.
So, got a lot of picta's effect and so much fun! :) ho yeahh.