hey, welcome yaw!

---------------------- HI, WELCOME YAWW! HI, WELCOME YAWW! ---------------------

Friday, April 6

Thanks bebeh ku Yana...

Nur Liyana binti Ghaffarud-din.
Thanks a million babe, for coming to my lovely palace. Hehh, hyperbola duhh!
But it is, it was so shocked to see you reached here by yourself, alone.
So flattered like crying, hell no. I wasn't okay. Hehee, joking.

She's the only one that I always meet these days, so far. Not like the others.
Been busy and so far far and far, but still keep in touch. Love you, lovely bitches.

She loves children a lot till Dani never willing
to let her go back. :')
Sadly, we can't even have a night to stand cuz she got a lot to serve and finish up.
So, within few hours je lh, we've been chatting, laughing, talking old times and expressing feelings out.
So miss the old times, like seriously. Miss the others too. :')

Babe, I know you've got probs. But you never talk it out instead you keep it in, alone. Even Hariz pun don't know kan. I know it, I know you duhhh.
Sokayyy, we talk in silent, we express in silent, I understand.
Whatever it is, be strong okay babe. Always be with you.
And, always be my best bitch ever. Love you darl. :)